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Simplestore POS Software is developed to help businesses including shopping malls, super markets, boutiques, restaurants, pharmacies, bakeries, gift shops, electronic stores and all retail ventures manage their inventory and keep accurate record of their sales.

With an efficient system doing all the work for you, you now have to time to manage your business better. You can focus on growth and providing credible services to your customers and stop worrying about your records and stock levels all the time.

Please find a list of Simplestore’s key features and benefits below.

Accurate Record Keeping

Now you can stop complaining about getting cheated by your workers, about goods missing from your stock without the ability to track them, about your products finishing abruptly without earlier notice. Eliminate human error in inventory counting, keep your records efficiently and run your store at world standard.

The Dashboard

The dashboard provides at-a-glance insight on how your business is doing. This helps you make informed decisions as to when to re-order products that have reached minimum stock level. Expired items and items that are about to expire are also displayed right on the dashboard so you know when to fast-sell or take them off the shelf. Also, fast moving items, slow moving items, dormant items and items not in stock are shown on the dashboard.

Point of Sale Page (Sell Screen)

Simplestore has a dynamic sell screen and streamlined checkout process to make selling easy on any device you use. The checkout process has been greatly reduced to minimum number of clicks/touches so you can sell quickly and move on to another customer. Multiple tabs can also be opened to serve other customers while still waiting for more orders. Customer waiting time is also reduced offering the ultimate customer experience. You even get to show your customers pictures of the delicious meals on the tablet (for restaurants) before they place their orders.

With the ‘special order’ feature, you can sell to customers on credit and anytime they make payment, their record is updated until they finish paying for the items purchased.

Use the ‘Send to kitchen’ feature to send orders to the kitchen to prepare meals for customers. The kitchen receives an alert when an order comes through and they can accept or reject orders and alerts the waiter if the order is ready, all in the software. This helps you keep chaos out of the kitchen without waiters running to and from the kitchen.

Sales Report

Reporting is customizable and flexible. Use the wide range of variables and filters to build your own report and get the exact information you need and see how your business is doing. Reports are shown in details for daily sales, past sales and even by item.

And if you love charts, the software provides you with simple and easy to understand charts to get a snapshot of overall performance.


With Simplestore POS, you stay in full control of your inventory. View stock, manage categories and items. The process is a breeze. You specify items to be sold in bulk quantities or in single quantities or in both and the software will take care of the calculations for you. You can also set the product expiry date, the expiry date warning and the minimum stock level so the system intuitively informs you beforehand. You can add pictures of products during or after creating the product as they will be displayed while on a ‘tablet view’.

You can view your current stock and estimated worth of your store at any point in time and even export the data to spreadsheets to use it however u like.
Restaurants can use the ‘Composite Item’ feature to create meals. Composite Items are Items that consist of more than one basic/regular items.

Track Records is a special feature that tracks and logs activities of all users in the system and can be a useful tool during auditing so you can keep track of all crucial activities that go on in the system.


Do you run more than one store/outlet and want to have all your business operations seamlessly synced across all your outlets?

Simplestore POS works both online and offline and syncs seamlessly across different locations. Monitor your business from the comfort of your home. You don’t have to wait for your manager to tell you how your business is doing; you can see your business in the comfort of your home.


Create user accounts and define permission levels for each of your staff. Control the information they have access to, the changes they can make or the discounts they can give. Sales and profit privileges can be reserved for top level management. This will help you control the system and hold your staff accountable to their duties in your business.

Custom Settings

You own this software, feel free to tweak the features to suit your business needs. Your tax, bank charges, information you want displayed on the customer receipt and so much more can all be customized.

Other Value Added Features

BackUp & Restore

Use the backup feature to keep your business from System Failure or Damages. You can perform this backup operation daily, weekly, or as u want. It is recommended to store the backup files in external storage devices so in case of system failure or damage, your data can be easily retrieved.

Customers & Loyalty/Discount Bank

Build up a discount bank by setting a percentage of your daily profit that automatically goes into the disount bank. You can use this discount bank to reward your customers. Also control discounts by setting a limit to the discount that can be given daily.

Build better customer relationships

Treat your most valuable customers to special discounts.Simply create a Loyalty/Rewards Class and apply special discounts. Add customers to the Loyalty classes and their details are automatically stored under their profile where you can view their purchase history, fund history and loyalty account balances.

Profit Markup (%)

Profit History on Products


Diligent Activity Tracking

Special Restaurant Features

Send to Kitchen/Bar

Order Alerts

Order Timing

Tablet View (Gallery Style)

Multi-Platform Support

Depending on your requirements, the software can be implemented on an independent machine, over a local area network or on the internet so you can access it from anywhere at anytime. While it has been fully optimized for Desktop Computers; it is dynamic, responsive and compatible with all tablets and mobile devices.

Two-Way Communicative Marketing

If hosted online, customers can quickly and easily give feedback on your product or services from the feedback form on the website.


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Technologies Involved:

  • HTML5
  • CSS3
  • Bootstrap
  • Javascript
  • JQuery
  • Php/MySQL
  • MVC
  • Responsive
  • UI/UX Animations

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