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Your warehouse just got a new lift. The software is designed to help manufacturers, suppliers, distributors and warehouse owners with one or more warehouses and sales outlets/locations manage and keep track of their inventory and products easily.

You definitely want to keep track of how much inventory you have on hand, monitor usage of your raw materials and know which products are doing better. Apart from keeping inventory and helping you maintain balance between too many and too few products, Robotrack allows you to print invoices for each supply or transfer, track and monitor your stock records, control user activities and ensure that you do not run at a loss. The software lets you know the total worth of your inventory at any point in time. There are so many amazing features and benefits you will enjoy by using this software.

Benefits of Using Robotrack:

Data Capture Technology

The application of automatic identification and data capture technology with a barcode scanner, (mobile computers if requested), wireless LANs and potentially radio-frequency identification (RFID) to efficiently monitor the flow of products. Once data has been collected, there is either a batch synchronization with, or a real-time wireless transmission to a central database. The database can then provide useful reports about the status of goods in the warehouse.


Logistics technology that delivers truly measurable ROI and productivity gains in inventory, labor, physical space, time and costs. Going far beyond basic picking, packing and shipping, our WIMS system uses advanced algorithms to mathematically organize and optimize warehouse operations and transform your warehouse logistics into a critical strategic component in your supply chain.


The ability to see the velocity, see what you’ve put in the right place and see what should be moved, either to a more productive or less productive area.


Monitor vendor compliance, efficiently manage multi-channel distribution, and respond quickly to shifting demand to optimize performance. We also enhance inventory management by increasing accuracy, improving order fulfillment and reducing order cycle time. Receiving and shipping are streamlined as well to facilitate cross-docking and expedite back-ordered products. And cycle counting capabilities eliminate annual physical counts.


Automate picking, packing and shipping and minimize the number of moves per order. Improve the accuracy of every order and reduce safety stock.


Consolidate orders to reduce transportation and shipping costs. Eliminate annual physical counts. Reduce expenses on labor and storage by managing tasks and improving processes. Facilitate efficient receiving and disposition of returns. Integrate material handling equipment (diverts, inductions, pick/pack, complex sortation). Support numerous parcel and LTL carriers, including native rating, routing, label and paper manifest generation, and end-of-day electronic invoicing.

Plan Ahead

Plan and balance workload and monitor activities with Labor Management integration. Improve warehouse layout for faster fulfillment and
overhead reduction. Minimize the need for warehouse space with cross-docking and flow-through capabilities.

Multi-Platform Support

Depending on your requirements, the software can be implemented on an independent machine, over a local area network or on the internet so you can access it from anywhere at anytime. While it has been fully optimized for Desktop Computers; it is dynamic, responsive and compatible with all tablets and mobile devices.

How It Works:


The dashboard provides at-a-glance view of the warehouse. Daily supply and transfer stats are displayed. Expired products, products about to expire are displayed here too. Fast moving and slow moving products are displayed here and you can have more refined results by days, weeks and months. Products at minimum stock level, dormant products and products that are out of stock are displayed to here to help you make more informed decisions quickly as to re-stock, fast sell or take off the shelf.

Manage Products/Categories

Create and manage products here. Fill in the details including product name, category, barcode, expiry date, minimum stock level, etc to create a product. The list of all products can also be generated with their stock quantity. The total worth of your warehouse can be easily generated so you know what your warehouse is worth at any point in time.
Categories are created and managed here too. You can view the total number of products in each category.

Update Stock

At the point of receiving supplies from your vendor or from manufacturing department, the products are updated in the system and invoices are generated. The ‘multiple product entry’ feature uses the barcode scanner to make the data entry faster by quickly opening another row for more products to be updated simultaneously.

Transfer Stock

Products moved out of the warehouse are recorded here. The destinations would have been created beforehand which makes it easier to pick from a list of suggestions from the system. The ‘multiple product entry’ feature works here too, for faster data entry.

Deduct Stock

Easily reduce the quantity of products from the warehouse with this feature. For the purpose of effective record keeping, reasons for reducing the stock must be recorded before this action is completed.

Stock Vendors (Suppliers)

Vendors, manufacturers, suppliers are managed here. Register and manage your vendors here. The vendors registered will be suggested when updating stock or receiving supplies.

Transfer Destination

If you have multiple destinations, locations, outlets that you move products to, this feature helps in managing those destinations. The Transfer destinations registered here are suggested when transferring stock.


Get detailed reports on stock updated, stock transferred and Stock deducted. Reports can be generated using different filters including invoice number, date, stock vendor and attendant’s name. Reports can also be exported to excel.


BackUp & Restore

Use the backup feature to keep your warehouse safe from system failure or damage. You can perform this back up operation daily, weekly, or as u want. It is recommended to store the backup files in external storage devices so in case of system failure or damage, the warehouse data can be restored easily.

Custom Settings

Customize your warehouse with this feature, upload your logo, edit your warehouse information, address and currency unit just as you please.


Keep the system safe from intrusions with this feature. Block and restore IP addresses, monitor failed and successful login activities, restore password.


Technologies Involved:

  • HTML5
  • CSS3
  • Bootstrap
  • Javascript
  • JQuery
  • Php/MySQL
  • MVC
  • Responsive
  • UI/UX Animations

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