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At 5:38am on the 2nd of March 2018, I was emailing files to my friend Adil who’s based in the US. As the files attached, I was dozing on & off. I had worked on his design for 27 hours straight with short breaks btw. I was tired, but I felt great! Adil was working on an e-commerce startup; a website targeted mainly at muslim women but one that also caters for non-muslims who love to dress modestly.

So the first step, pick a name. I had a friend Aisha assist with the name process as she was more knowledgeable about Arabic words and we all bounced ideas off.


Initially, we wanted to pick a name that sounded “middle eastern” or “arabic” but at the same time sounded “Trendy” or “Fun”. That was hard and as usual, most of the good names were taken. Just as we were going to settle, Adil had an Eureka Moment and we came up with “Modest Icon”.

He secured the domain: and we proceed to the next step, creating the Perfect logo!! What were we trying to achieve? Create an attractive logo that spoke for itself. The logo had to represent “modesty” and it had to be iconic!

So what did I do?

Now, I have a “peculiar” branding process; I had visions in my head but I needed to be grounded in reality so I headed to Google Images and drowned myself in pictures of “modestly” dressed models and fashion logos.

After a while, I decided the logo icon needed to have “modest looking women” in it. I decided on an image of a woman wearing a turban and a woman wearing a hijab. These 2 images were my inspiration:

I toyed around with the icons and designs for a while. Yeah I got a little bit too carried away with the turban lady. lol

While playing with the icons. I knew in my mind that I was going to use them both and one way or the other they were going to merge with the letters “m” & “i” that represented modest icon but I didn’t know how. So I typed “m” & “i” in both large and small caps and then examined the letters in different type faces (fonts) hoping to spot something interesting.  While doing this, I discovered something amazing with the letter “m”. Look at the picture and try to guess.

Well, here it is: It looked like it was made up of a “dotless i” and “m” and I thought to myself. If you reverse that, you have m & i. Muslim Icon!! Eureka!

I looked at the gap under the letters and I knew that was how the icons were going to blend in. As a fan of flat design, I wanted to keep the logo minimal and clean. So I prepared the letters.

After preparing the letters, I cleaned up my icons and inserted them underneath.

Then I subtracted icons from the black lettering. And voila! After doing this, something was missing. Curved Edges!

The next step was deciding colour. Adil had suggested pink while we were discussing that so I tried pink and a deep shade of blue, but I wasn’t satisfied with the outcome. I needed the logo to make a bold statement! So I switched to a shade of black and gold and then coloured the faces. Class!!! Spot the difference.

After showing the output to Adil, he loved the logo but had one criticism. Now it looks “all muslim”. We need it to be more inclusive. After discussing about it, we decided to change the turban girl (that I got carried away with… lol) and use a lady with a stylish hat. I did that and Voila! The modest icon logo was done!

I spent a couple more hours designing the business card, invoice, letterhead and social media cover images. He wanted me to design the best logo ever. And I think I delivered. Right?


Design Tools:

  • Corel Draw
  • Adobe Illustrator

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