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Expand your Audience and turn your Campaign into a Major Force. Kampein is taking Grassroot Campaigns into the Digital Age.

Kampein is a web-based Constituent Relations Management System developed to enable you build and connect with supporters and followers of your campaign. Once a member signs up, they’re in the hands of the CRM. It combines a database and a mass-messaging platform to automate the basics of communicating with supporters over the internet and giving them a platform to directly interact with one another and the campaign leader(s).
Kampein has a front end view (for supporters and visitors) and a back end for administrators.

Benefits of Using Kampein:

Mobilization / Grassroots Organizing

Online tools are great at helping campaigns give people things to do on their behalf. Supporters can canvass their neighbors, recruit friends on Facebook or via email, participate in “virtual phone-banks”, vote on slogans or video ads, and even speak in public on the campaign’s behalf, whether on a blog or at an event.


An online army can be a powerful source of funds – a lot of money can be raised by powering your website with the option for supporters to contribute financially to your campaign by simply clicking on the “donate” button in a campaign email, via a twitter/facebook page or on the platform directly.

Rapid Response

This will enable you to use the ‘net to push back against attacks and unfavorable coverage, using its ability to go around traditional gatekeepers (like journalists) to reach voters and influencers directly.

Benefit Points

A method used to measure and/or reward the impact active users and supporters have had on the campaign. They get points that continue to increase based on certain activities on the platform like: site visit, pledging, invitation for registration, forum activity etc.


Most of us use the internet in some way, whether on a computer or a cell phone, and online tools from advertising to social media outreach can be great ways to connect with donors, volunteers and voters. Even when supporters meet the campaign in person at a rally or house party, invitation emails and links on social media can help you stay in touch with them and start them on the path to becoming supporters, donors or volunteers.

Sensitive Content

To maintain decency and to reduce cyber-bullying and curb against online attacks from opposition groups, there is a library of registered sensitive words that are not allowed in the forum or throughout the platform. The sensitive words are populated and managed by administrators. They can be automatically detected by the platform. Users cannot post any content containing them.

How It Works:

Front End (Users)

Welcome Page

Welcomes users to the platform. Here, non-members can view brief information on the purpose of the campaign with image slides to illustrate. Also displayed are pledges from campaign members. Existing users can login while non-existing users can sign-up to join the campaign from this page.


Home Page after logging in. Here, the user sees an overview of his profile and recent activities on the platform. This includes: recent events, latest forum topics and recent volunteer requests.


Here, members can pledge to vote for or support the campaign. Recent pledges from other campaign members are also displayed.


Browse through different Volunteer Tasks. The tasks are created by administrators and members can contribute to the campaign by volunteering to execute them.


Browse through events. You can sort based on order or location and view details of the events. A member can decide indicate that they’ll be attending the event by clicking the attend button.


Get social, join the forum, start your own thread, like or comment on existing ones, share ideas, and discuss the campaign. This is what the forum is about. This forum is moderated by administrators. Threads and posts flagged as inappropriate may be removed from the forum by the administrators. Users cannot post any content containing registered sensitive words.


Notifications from comments on threads and other activities on the platform are displayed here. Respond to these notifications and reply to continue forum discussions that most interests you.

Back End (Administrators)


Here, administrators see an overview of activities on the platform. This includes daily stats of logins and member signups, yearly stats and graphic charts of member logins, signups and pledges.


View Members

Administrators can sort through members based on data collected from the signup form here. They can also view details of member profiles and deactivate/reactivate their accounts as the case may be.

Contact Members

Here, administrators can communicate with members through an e-mail messaging platform. Direct E-mails can be sent to individual members or to a group of members. E.g: Members who have volunteered to execute a task or members who are attending an event. E-mail broadcasts can even be forwarded to all members from here.

View Messages

All messages sent out from the platform are archived here. They can be sorted through and viewed.



Here, pledges from members are displayed. They can be sorted through and viewed. The pledges can also be displayed or hidden from the welcome page.


New events are created here.
Show details of existing events, display attending members, edit the event, close attendance or even delete an event here.

Voluntary Tasks

Manage tasks. Create new ones, show details of existing tasks, display members who have volunteered, edit the task, close to volunteers or even delete a task here.


Moderate Forum

The forum is moderated here. Posts, replies flagged as inappropriate are removed by the admin here.

Track Members

Keep track of all activities of members from the front-end platform.


Administrators can be created and managed and different roles and privileges can also be assigned. Admins perform different activities; these activities are recorded and can be tracked.


Feel free to tweak the software features to suit your campaign needs. Customize the platform to suit your organization. Upload your logo, welcome page message slide images, address and contact information, member points, sensitive content library and a lot more. You can also Track user login, admin login, and block intrusive IP addresses on the Platform.


Technologies Involved:

  • HTML5
  • CSS3
  • Bootstrap
  • Javascript
  • JQuery
  • Php/MySQL
  • MVC
  • Responsive
  • UI/UX Animations

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