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Running a school can get complicated and very stressful. Academia makes it all simple. Academia is a School Portal & CBT Platform that allows you to execute the Most Complex of Operations with the click of a button.

The Software is developed such that it is flexible and open to change. It facilitates the seamless input of academic results of students such as terminal exam, mid-term test, aptitude test, teacher grade test, assignments, projects, student conduct and extra-curricular activities. It also has included; a full-fledged CBT module that allows teachers to conduct Computer Based Tests for their students.

Now Parents will be able to check and keep track of their Child(ren)’s Academic Performance Online throughout his/her stay in the school.

Please find a list of Academia’s key features and benefits below.

Full Customization:

Academia was developed to meet the needs of as many schools as possible. Result structures, Grading and Reporting standards vary from School to School. The Platform is built such that you have the ability to customize it to fit your Reporting Needs. Exam/Test Structures can be created and assigned to different classes and changed as required. Admission Forms and Staff Registration forms have form builders that allow you to manage and customize your form fields. You can also change your front-end look by choosing between different color schemes. Academia is rich, yet simple to use.

Online Admission Application Module:

This module makes the school’s entire admission process be done online and paperless. The school will be saying good-bye entirely to filling of forms manually. Prospective students will be able to apply for admission via the portal. Students can also be registered by administrators from the back-end. A Unique Admission Number is automatically generated for each student on application completion. The Unique Admission number will be reflected on all Reports generated for the student and will be used as a reference for all information on the student. Basically, with the admission number, administrators can access all records of the student.

Online Bio-Data Registration Module for all Members of Staff:

Now, all Staff members in your school can be registered into the Portal. Staff members will be required to complete an online application. On completion, username/passwords will be allocated to them. They will use this to access results and carry out day-to-day activities on the Portal.

Improved Reporting and Result Tracking:

Apart from normal end-of-term reports, Academia takes reporting to another level. Test results, Special classroom exercises and Extra-Curricular Activities can be reported. Graphical representations of records, activities and capabilities will also be generated for access by students, teachers and parents alike. Old reports are archived such that after fundamental changes to your Reporting style/structure; old records are not affected. Mistakes in reporting can be corrected up to the last term.

Also, apart from exam/test scores you can also create custom fields (like Comments, Behavioural Scores) that can be added to your main reports. These extra fields can be easily customized by administrators

Improved Record/Entry Result Generation Process

Data entry for the Result Compilation will not only be carried out by Portal Administrators. Allocated subject and class teachers will also be able to record scores. This data will be automatically collated by the software to generate the results and reports.

Administrators and Privilege Control:

User Rights and Privilege are assigned to Back End Administrators to control access to features and limit their activities. Administrators will only be able to access features related to thier department.

CBT (Computer Based Test):

The CBT module allows for the generation of Unlimited Tests and Examinations for the Students. Results of these test can be imported into Exam & Test Scores to reflect in the Portal. Asides for Examination Purposes, Special tests can also be conducted for special cases like Quizes etc. The CBT platform is developed with advanced technology that allows it to be able to function with large capacity. It is able to accommodate large scale exams where several users will access it simultaneously

Broad Sheet

To improve Result Verification and further reducing errors, a Broad Sheet can be exported to Microsoft Excel for Printing. The Broad Sheet can be submitted to relevant authorities or can be used to vet scores.

Multi-Platform Support

Depending on your requirements, the software can be implemented on an independent machine, over a local area network or on the internet so you can access it from anywhere at anytime. While it has been fully optimized for Desktop Computers; it is dynamic, responsive and compatible with all tablets and mobile devices.

Two-Way Communicative Marketing

If hosted online, customers can quickly and easily give feedback on your product or services from the feedback form on the website.


With up-to-date technology and full-tracking, you don’t have to worry about records getting tampered with. You can also monitor successful and failed login attempts and block suspicious/malicious visitors from the system.


Technologies Involved:

  • HTML5
  • CSS3
  • Bootstrap
  • Javascript
  • JQuery
  • Php/MySQL
  • MVC
  • Responsive
  • UI/UX Animations

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